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Inline Homogenizer

Inline Homogenizer
It is a stator & Rotor assembly.
Stator is a Ring type with slots and the rotor is an impeller which forces the material out of the slots, It has an Inlet - 50mm & outlet - 40mm.

Motor  - 2800 RPM

Shaft sealing is done by a Mechanical Seal.

The connections are provided in such a way that

a) Samples can be taken on line, without breaking the vacuum or interrupting the manufacturing

b) Thermocouple provided for the product temp. in the circulation line from the Homogenizer plus a Cone provided for last minute additions if any without breaking the vacuum.

c) Finished products can be transferred to the storage Tank - Lobe pump not required.

All contact parts in S.S. 316 and non contact in S.S. 304 Hydraulic Power Pack : Is provided complete with a tank for oil, pump with Sol. Valves & Flow control valves with Motor.

Control Panel :
1) MCB.
2) RYB indicators.
3) ON/OFF button AC frequency Drive with pot for stirrer.
4) ON/OFF Buttons ? Contactor for Hyd. Power Pack , push buttons for Up/Down Movement of the Top Lid.
ON/OFF Buttons ? Contactor for Homogenizer

Temperature controller for the jacket Temp.

Temperature indicator for Product temperature.


a) Load cells provided under the Base Frame with display & control unit in main panel.
b) No need of metering pump. Quantity of material to be added can be seen on the panel display because of the Load Cells.
c) Quantity to be added can be programmed & beep signal provided for each product upto 4 product additions.

Load Cell no need to shift the vessel from its position.

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